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Your Next Forever Best Friend Is Waiting For You
Donations Needed For FeLV+ Cats Transport

Your Next Forever Best Friend Is Waiting For You!
Adopt A Kitten or A Cat
  Having a cat reduces your blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease 
  Having a cat fights depression and loneliness 
  Cats are entertaining to watch and fun to play with 
  Cats provide companionship 
  Cats will cuddle up with you on a cold evening 
  Cats are independent and can be left alone while youíre at work 
  A catís mere presence will ward off unwanted mice and pests 
  Cats are comfortable in small spaces like apartments 
  Cats are very clean; they bathe themselves! 
  A catís purr is instantly calming and relaxing 
  Cats are affectionate 
  Just 15 minutes a day of playing with you will satisfy a cat 
  Cats are easy to house train, especially adult cats, who are probably 
    already house trained 
  Cats bring a little bit of the wild into your house 
  Indoor cats and spayed/neutered cats live long lives, providing up to 20 years 
    of companionship 
  Cats are cheaper to spay/neuter than dogs, especially big dogs 
  Taking care of a cat can help teach a child responsibility and humane values 
  Lots of cats need good homes; when you adopt one, youíre saving a life!
  All of our adoptable cats and kittens:
        - have already been spayed/neutered.
        - have been tested for FIV/FeLV
        - have been microchipped
        - are up-to-date on routine vaccinations and rabies
        - have been dewormed
        - have been treated for fleas and earmites

Improve your life with a catís companionship, and combat the tragedy of overpopulation! Click here to see our adoptable kittens and cats!


Seeking Donations for FeLV+ Cats Transport



Snowflake, Jeni,  Harlo and Hamlet have all something in common:  they are very sweet and loving cats.  But they also have something else:  a virus that could end their lives early, but may not.  They are positive for Feline Leukemia, which is not contagious to dogs and humans, but other cats.  That is one reason for them not finding the loving home they deserve. 


But there are places in the USA that take care of those who are a bit different.  And we have the chance to get all into the wonderful sanctuaries Home for Life in Minnesota and Best Friends in Utah.  But -  we need funds to do so.  The less stressful way would be to fly them to the sanctuaries.  This will cost approximately $ 300.00 per cat and we just donít have that much money.

We are seeking Guardian Angels in the community to help us give those wonderful cats get a second chance. Some of them were rescued from Animal Control Centers. If you want to help please call Barbara @  (337)  781-2362 for more information or AHS @ 668-4484.   You can also make a donation via Paypal.  Put on your paypal donation, "FeLV Cat Transport".  THANK YOU!