A Day At The Big Fix Rig
Saturday, March 31, 2007 was the last day for the Big Fix Rig in Lafayette.  While it was here, a total of 982 cats were spayed and neutered!

Below is a photo essay of a "typical" day at the Big Fix Rig. 

Hats off to all the volunteers for their hard work!

The Big Fix Rig set up operations at Walmart 

Cats waiting to be registered for the day's surgeries.

Every morning between 7 - 8am, 
cats were dropped off to be fixed.

Paperwork for the day's surgeries

Vet tech Daniel records the weights of the cats
prior to surgery

Daniel gets ready to administer a
pre-op sedative.

A volunteer staff member helps arrange 
the sedated cats prior to surgeries.

 Daniel checks on a sedated cat.

Vet tech Lori brings a sedated cat into
the surgery room for pre-op preparation.

Lori shaves a cat's stomach in preparation
for spay surgery.

Ready to be spayed

Veterinarian Dr. Lloyd gets ready to spay a cat

Cats in recovery after surgery

Volunteer staff member checks cats in recovery

After the surgeries are done for the day around 1-2pm,  the veterinarians finally take a break for lunch

Volunteers take lunch break

Waiting for the last of the day's cats to be picked up

Big Fix Rig - March 2007
Lafayette, Louisiana 


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